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Kitchen & bath remodeling help in Ronks, Lancaster, York, Chester, Berks, Harrisburg, & surrounding areas


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Wall-to-Wall Floor Covering can help with kitchen & bath remodeling

If you need help with your kitchen and bath remodeling, our experience in this area could benefit you. Kitchens and baths put the most stress on floors, between foot traffic and exposure to water. Therefore, you should take advantage of the expertise of Wall-to-Wall Floor Covering. We can assist residents in Ronks, Lancaster, York, Chester, Berks, Harrisburg & surrounding areas, with what to know about kitchen and bath remodeling.

Kitchen and bath remodeling calls for specialized materials and installations

For example, areas continually exposed to water need a waterproof foundation. For a shower installation, we might suggest:

  • Cement backerboard and cement backerboard screws
  • Vapor barrier
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Mortar and grout specifically formulated for water exposure
  • Tiles with a waterproof finish

Other water compatible materials suitable for a bathroom floor installation are sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl tile.

Backsplashes can be the stars of kitchen & bath remodeling

Backsplashes are highly visible yet don't take up too much space. They are perfect for stepping out and using some high fashion, more expensive tiles that set your project apart. Backsplashes are ideal for setting tiles in patterns or fashioning a mural with painted tiles.Combining materials in mosaics is a stunning look, as some choose to blend glass and steel tiles.

Our in-house designers and installers can produce fabulous installations with a surprisingly affordable budget.
Successful Kitchen & Bath Remodeling in Ronks, PA

Successful bath and kitchen remodeling projects start with a clear vision

For kitchens and baths, take into consideration:

  • Who is using it, what are their ages
  • Are there any accessibility issues to consider
  • If there are children, what are their ages, and will they be sitting and crawling on the floor
  • Does the surface have to be impervious to water, or will water-resistant suffice
  • Are there any pet considerations – are they fed off the floor, do you need a dog bathing area
Isn't it time to have a home where the two of the most important spaces are functional as well as beautiful? If you have questions about kitchen and bath remodeling, stop by our store.