In-home measurement in Ronks, Lancaster, York, Chester, Berks, Harrisburg, & surrounding areas


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In-home measurement services with Wall-To-Wall Floor Covering

An in-home measurement is important for ordering and installation. It is a rare “square” room where the in-home measurement shows it to be perfectly square with right angle corners. This is why it's important to measure your space professionally. Without good measuring, the amount of material ordered and any intricate patterns' execution can be skewed and incorrect.

When our measurement professional comes to your home, he will also be evaluating other aspects of the installation. He will note access to idiosyncrasies of the space, considering:
  • Are there stairs involved to access the space
  • Will parking be an issue for the crew
  • Does the crew need access passes to the property
  • Are there air vents in the floor
  • Are there any hot water heating pipes to account for
  • Are there any stairs or ramps to be covered

In-home measurements go everywhere

Our measurement professionals include alcoves, bay windows, even closets in their calculations. By using these numbers, your estimate will be accurate. Another benefit of these professional measurements is that an exact diagram of the space is made.

This diagram is used to figure out where the most inconspicuous place to make joints or seams in the materials. The diagram is also useful to:
  • Chart the direction that planks should be installed, note details like using a herringbone pattern
  • Chart tile placement, noting where to make cuts or inset patterns
  • Plan for the direction carpeting is laid accounting for keeping nap in the same direction
  • Note where there may be concern about the new flooring changing how a door swings or how an appliance, like a dishwasher, fit back into its cubby; these issues need to be worked out ahead of time
In-home flooring measurements in Ronks, PA

In-home measurements go everywhere

Please note that this is not a home inspection. As long as our representative can access the spaces to be measured, we are good to go. When he starts measuring, it is a concentration-heavy task and we ask that he be left to do it, with as few distractions as possible.

In-home measurement is a service offered to Wall-to-Wall Floor Covering clients in Ronks, Lancaster, York, Chester, Berks and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.